Is Someone Doing Cocaine?

Every Friday, Nicole and I like to go out to breakfast. This morning was like any other until Nicole suddenly lifts her head up from her scrambled eggs and says, “Is someone doing cocaine??” Like any rational thinking person I simply replied, “What the hell are you talking about?!?!” She says, “You don’t hear that?”

Apparently, several booths over, a young child was rhythmically tapping something on the table and the sound was similar to the one you hear when you tap a credit card on a hard surface. And Nicole, a woman who has never done an illegal drug in her life, immediately thought of someone making lines of cocaine…….at 8:30am……at the Country Kitchen.

That’s my girl!

One thought on “Is Someone Doing Cocaine?

  1. I do that alot, i hear things that other people dont hear or see. Then again, Nicole’s senses have probably intensified due to the pregnancy.

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