Mateo Week 2

So much progress was made since last week, it is hard to believe it’s only been seven days! So here’s the skinny.

Nicole is feeling pretty great. She still has a little pain here and there but for the most part, I have my wife back. It is so nice to see her existing without nausea. She continues to enjoy her favorite meals and my mom is here to indulge her every craving. The only other ailment she has is a new insatiable appetite for buying baby stuff. Thanks to Etsy, we’ll be broke in by the end of the year. haha! Of course pumping breast milk means she has to get up multiple times a night to do the deed and as you can see, I am doing my best to support her. ha!

The boy continues to impress us and the NICU staff! He is now taking nearly all of his feedings by bottle, which means the gavage feeding tube will soon be history. His umbilical IV is gone. He has started gaining weight and is now 4 lbs 2 oz, up from 3 lbs 14 oz. He has been maintaining his own body temperature for a while now and last night we had the biggest milestone yet: moving him to an open crib! The way the NICU is set up, the front area is reserved for the babies who are literally on their way out the door. That’s where Mateo’s new studio apartment is. With all his health issues addressed, all Mateo needs to do now is eat and grow.

So when does the boy come home?
This is a question we haven’t had the guts to ask yet. Honestly, Nicole and I prefer to take it day by day and when good things happen, they happen. Focusing too much on some hopeful end date would likely take away from our enjoyment of the time we currently spend with the little guy. So during each visit, he receives our full attention and energy and we figure the nurses will let us know what we need to know. And on that note, the nurse practitioner told us that she will be off for five days in a row and that she was disappointed that she wouldn’t be around to see Mateo go home. Now she didn’t say specifically WHEN he was going home, but she seems to think he will be gone by the time she returns at the end of next week. So using my highly developed Jersey logic skills, it would seem that our little man could be coming home sometime next week. Anyone else think he looks a little like a Christmas elf? 🙂

28 thoughts on “Mateo Week 2

  1. Awesome news 🙂 Thinking of you guys! Man I don’t envy those multiple times getting up to pump a night deals :p Hope you guys are getting some rest!

  2. Good to hear that things are going well, Marc seeing the photo of you crashed out sleeping brought back some memories of when my kids were babies. Its amazing how fast they grow up.

  3. Good stuff! Go, Go Mateo… And Grow, Grow Mateo (sung to the tune of the famous Blue Oyster Cult song) I am so happy for you, there is nothing like this time in your lives. Let the great progress continue!

    • Thanks, Jon… I read that, got to “Blue Oyster”, and the song that plays in the gay bar from the Police Academy movies is now stuck in my head! LOL

      • Well Pinto, you just paid me back as I am now also stuck with the song from Police Academy in my head! LOL… Wow Mateo, see what we are doing to each other just to give you good wishes!! Be blessed little man.

  4. It is a blessing that Mateo is doing great! He is in our constant prayers, as are you and Nicole. Having Mama home to pitch in is terrific!

  5. OMG!! Baby Mateo is growing up so fast. He’s so adorable sleeping on that oversized bean bag. Wow, 3 o’clock shadow and soul patch, yep definitely your son. 😉

  6. He’s a little peanut. Your news is all good. For such a little guy, he seems surprisingly strong to be suckling on his own at only four pounds. That’s very good news. Congratulations to you both.

  7. Be sure to take a picture of him UNDER the tree this year! Because next year you will be taking pictures of him CLIMBING the tree!!

    What a precious angel you have!! Enjoy him everyday, they grow up so fast!! God’s blessings to you and your new family!!

  8. Marc,
    That first picture about sums it all up for the first 4 or 5 months. I didn’t even use a beanbag chair, though; just crashed on the floor while Dana was feeding Finley, then woke up a half hour later to change his diaper and put him back down to sleep. (Dana conveniently had wrist surgery a few weeks after delivery, and couldn’t pick anything up over 5 lbs for six weeks. Watch for it. They get crafty postpartum. She’s also managed to “have to go to the bathroom” twice when Finley was just about ready to get booster shots.

  9. Great to see everyone doing well. My grandson spent some time in the NICU at Dayton Children’s it was a trying time with his daddy in Iraq but he got thought it on Feb 29 this next year will be 8 or 2 depending on how you look at it. They wouldn’t let him come home till he got to 6 pounds and holding. I see him every day and know his is a gift as they all are. We can all tell Mateo is a lucky boy and you guys are going to be a great family.

  10. Awesome to see him feeding on the bottle and in an open bassinet! Those hats are great for making them look like elves (although I have one pic of my son back then, and he was more “Gandalf-like” with his spell casting hand motions 🙂 ).

  11. That picture of Nicole feeding the baby is priceless!!!! The expression on both their faces is just awesome. I am so glad things are going well for all three of you:)

  12. Glad all is going well. You’re right not to focus too much on when he’ll come home. Both of my son’s spent some time in the NICU and it’s heart wrenching to get your hopes up every day thinking it might be the day and then get let down. Just relax and enjoy the little dude. He’ll be at home with you waking you up all night long soon enough.

  13. Aren’t they cute when they’re sleeping! And and the big Mateo ain’t doing to bad either. So happy for you guys. Keep bringing the good news.

    Jerry S

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