I Hate Your Avatar!

Welcome to the first of what will likely be MANY posts in this category: Douchebag Awards. Anyone who produces content for public consumption will no doubt have to deal with their fair share of ridiculous requests, harsh criticisms, and hurtful/hateful commentary. You quickly learn NOT to feed the trolls! Responding to these people with aggression or *gasp* logic, only serves to give them a sick satisfaction while making your life a living hell. Remember that old saying? “Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and the pig likes it.” So what I’ll do here is post the person’s comment, followed by my actual response (if I gave one). Then I’ll give the response I really wanted to give, but decided against. Yeah, this should be fun and therapeutic!

The Douchebag

I, REALLY, wish you would change your profile picture on the Woodworker channel! When I have your webpage open, I have these buggy eyes looking at me — it is irritating! I like your videos; and, since I have have watched so many on YouTube, every time I open YouTube, there is your picutre on my main screen suggesting videos you have made. I, actually, get annoyed opening YouTube because I recognize I am going to have your buggy eyes on my screen! (I, also, think it would add some professionalism to your website if you had a more respectable picture.) So, if it isn’t too much trouble, I, personally, would very much appreciate a new look! Thank you very much!!!

My Response

Well, you’ll be happy to know I did change the picture, primarily because it was well overdue. Unfortunately, this picture might annoy you too. I like to have fun with my avatars so there might be numerous versions in the future that you don’t like. Going with a boring corporate logo just isn’t my style.

What I Really Think

So this one is rather tame. But on a Sunday morning, something like this just disturbs my serenity bubble. I guess that’s what I get for checking my email on the weekend.

Here’s what this guy is actually talking about. I highlighted an example of the size and location of the image. Now I’ll be the first to admit that my picture is a little unsettling and most people would be a little weirded out by it. That’s what makes it so great!! But if you are SO bothered by that little thumbnail that it begins to impact your overall enjoyment of YouTube as a whole, perhaps “disturbed” really is a good word for you! With all the social media and content sites I visit on a daily basis, I see more than a few avatars that annoy me. I just can’t imagine having the audacity to email the person to ask them to change it. Maybe that’s just me.

The other thing about the comment that makes me laugh is the attempt to appeal to my need for professionalism. Thanks for the sound business advice YouTube guy! Where should I send the consultation fee? One of things that makes The Wood Whisperer special is the fact that it is NOT perfect or politically correct. Over the years, our videos, merchandise, and website have certainly become much more polished and I do pride myself on delivering a high quality product. But the heart, the humor, and the humanity is all still very much intact. If I ever lose those things, I give you all permission to kick me in the balls.

I once received an email from a lady on Facebook complaining that my recent mention of “menstrual cycles” was the last straw. Whoops! Ultimately, I realize that my off-color humor may not be for everyone. But seriously, there are plenty of woodworking resources out there that are completely devoid of personality, humor, and life. I would be an absolute moron to try to complete on the level of pure information. My only competitive edge in this industry (and the only reason The Wood Whisperer exists), is because of the humorous, irreverent, human, and sometimes self-deprecating spin. And much like any good joke, some won’t get it, some will be offended, but many will LOVE it. You have to break some eggs if you want to make an omelet.