Yup, he’s a small human!

I don’t know if all parents to be do this, but Nicole and I frequently sit down and think about what our child would look like if he was unlucky enough to get a really bad combination of our features. For instance, Nicole has a teeny tiny forehead (maybe I should say she has fairly low hairline). I think it looks great on her! But imagine her forehead combined with my eyebrows. Things quickly take a turn for Creepy Town.

I have a fairly oblong-shaped head. Nicole has large cheek bones. What if our kid gets both? Yikes!

But ultimately, we decided that there is nothing to worry about. If our boy is really ugly, he’ll just work that much harder on having a good personality and being a productive member of society. And he’ll be much easier to be around for the rest of our lives. Win win! Well, unless he gets all angsty-ugly…. because nobody likes that.

Obviously this is my tongue-in-cheek humor (you’ll get used to it). But the purpose of this post was to talk about how amazing the current 3D/4D ultrasound technology is these days. Last week, Nicole and I (and Nicole’s Mom) went over to Miracle View in Phoenix to have her belly scanned once again. Turns out there is a little human in there!

The scan was performed at 11 am. Thus far, the baby is most active at around 9 pm. So our chances of getting a great shot were pretty slim, especially since the boy clearly likes having his hands in front of his face. But with a little persuasion, the technician was able to get him to move around a bit. Its an amazing view into the baby’s world and it almost feels like we shouldn’t be able to do this. I told Nicole that the whole thing feels a little like peeking at your presents before Christmas.

The video below shows a short 3 minute version of the full 30 minute video. I chopped it up and added some music just to make it interesting and tolerable. I figure if I’m going to make people sit through this crap, it should at least be somewhat entertaining and short. I hope you enjoy!